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Tips and Tricks 2: Excel Shortcut to select a Region or a Current Region

by Brilliance Computer Training Academy & Services
in Blog

Excel shortcut to selecting a range
Normally when selecting a range, one uses the mouse to drag over the area that you wish to select. However, when there is a contiguous range of values you would like to select, first make sure of the following before using the shortcuts.

The range is surrounded by an empty rows and empty columns (or the row or column headers to the left and the right).

Now click in the top left corner of the range you want to select to activate that cell.

Next, press Shift + End + → which will select the row area up to the end of the range.

Now, press Shift + End + ↓ which will select the range of the current region right to the last row.

You can start at any corner of such a range and use the arrow keys in whichever direction the selection must go.
Thus, all of the following keystrokes will work just fine:
Shift + End + ↓
Shift + End + →
Shift + End + ←
Shift + End + ↑


You can use the menu in the ribbon to select the current region. To do this, click on the Home tab, Editing group, and on Find & Select, then on Go To Special, and select Current Region.

Using a keyboard shortcut you can click inside the block of data and press Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar.

It should be noted though that when you use these keys in an Excel Table, only the table contents without the headers will be selected. But when you are working with a range of data which is not defined as a table in Excel, headers will also be selected.

But using these keys also allows more control over a specific region such as when you want to exclude the headers from the block of data, because you can start your selection on the first data row below the headers of the data range:
Shift + Ctrl + ↓
Shift + Ctrl + →
Shift + Ctrl + ←
Shift + Ctrl + ↑

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