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My name is Puneet Gogia and just like you I am also an Excel Lover. If you think you are an Excel user then think again; being a lover is more fun. So if I talk about myself, I am using Excel for the last five years. While using Excel for about one year, it became just like an addiction to me. I still remember my first “Pivot Table” and my first “Automated User-form” and all that stuffy things. With more hunger of learning Excel, I started to search for learning content here and there on the internet. While learning new things in Excel I just thought one day: “Let’s share it back with others”.  So, In Dec’13 I created a Facebook page with the name ExcelChamps (it was the first name that came to my mind) to share my learning with others. If you wonder why ExcelChamps and not ExcelChamp, here is why. I believe every person who is reading this is already a champ in something in Excel. I want you to share your knowledge with others to make more champs. With Love – PG



IMAC Services

IMAC Services offers its services to a wide variety of organisations, from the public and private sector, multi-nationals to small businesses and cooperatives. The scope of our activities ranges from consultancymanagement and customised training for organisations through toDevelopment, Training and Assessment of individuals. If you are already in the workplace and would like to develop yourself to be the leader in your field, further part-time study is not an option, but a necessity. At IMAC Services we know how important personal attention and alignment to the learners’ needs are for a conducive learning environment. We cater specifically for people who are already employed and would like to grab the opportunity to align to the requirements of the global village. De Hart has, in the past few years, gained invaluable experience within the Local Economic Development of the Matjhabeng and Lejweleputswa areas. She has an in-depth knowledge of the economic landscape in the Free State Province and has insight and experience in Sustainable Enterprise Development, SMME/Cooperative incubation and tourism initiatives which must, and will, play an important role in the creation of jobs in a space where mining has declined. One of IMAC’s strengths is that programmes can be customized to meet any special requirement.