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About Us


About Us


Hi, my name is Inet Kemp, the founder and CEO of Brilliance Computer Services & Training. I am so grateful to experience the joy of customers feeling empowering  and confident. I help people succeed all over the world. All I can say is, “Thank you”.

Brilliance Computer Services & Training founded their company in August of 2015. We are based in Cape Town, WC. We offer excellent Excel Training Courses and VBA Applications. We offer Excel Training Courses from Basic Excel Training to Intermediate level to an Advanced Excel Course.

We have developed affordable customized Business Applications for Small to Medium Businesses (SMME’s). We aim to keep applications simple, yet adequate to serve in all the needs of our customers. We serve small businesses around the world online.

Inet Kemp has lectured students in Mathematical Statistics and Actuarial Sciences for 18 years. She has recognized the need for the average business owner to simplify daily tasks. Excel is a versatile tool which we use to simplify and present complex data and analyse data. But in the same way we can simplify tasks in everyday life but also in almost any industry. The vast majority of users who owns a computer, already have Excel right there in there office and home.


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Our Purpose:

  • For our customers to be brilliant at measuring and analyzing their business success.
  • To use Excel as a convenient tool in everyday life to simplify mundane tasks.
  • To become proficient in using advanced techniques to create professional spreadsheets and graphs.
  • For our customers to get rid of any time consuming repetitive tasks.
  • For our customers to have affordable applications which will simplify their tasks.
  • To empower customers to solve analytical problems without a wink of the eye.


Our Mission

Our mission to our customers:

  • To give to our customers the means to empower themselves. To feel empowered and have the means to measure their own business success.
  • To transform our customers into confident and focused problem solvers.
  • To provide solutions to analytical problems. 
  • To provide tools that replace repetitive tasks with automated systems.
  • To leave a dent in the universe. (Thank you Steve Jobs for this inspiring phrase – we follow your example). 

Our mission to our employees:

  • That this is the place where they find their road to a happy fulfilling life. 
  • This is the place where they feel that they are making a dent in the universe.
  • This is where they experience their purpose in life.
  • Where they feel respected and valued by both by our company and their loyal followers.  
  • To feel the satisfaction of empowering the universe.
  • To feel their they receive a fair income.
  • To know that the company value their support of their family life.
  • To have a safe environment in which they can grow and achieve goals far beyond their wildest dreams.
  • That they live their passion.
  • Where they have freedom.


Our Values

We are leaders in our industry and are well recognized for our accomplishments . We are a trusted and respected company who serves with integrity.  It is our passion to empower, serve and grow our own expertise. In doing so, we can  also give more to our customers on a continuous basis.